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Water, water everywhere

According to Canada’s food guide we’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Has anyone ever told you why? Studies have shown that a decrease in total body water (dehydration) can affect strength, power and endurance by 2-10%. While this may sound like something olympic athletes need to worry about, it definitely applies to the rest of us too!

If we have decreased strength, the next time you go to help your neighbor lift a couch you may end up with an avoidable injury. If we are foggy during the day due to dehydration, we may perform sub-optimally at work and at home. Our endurance is what allows us to power through the day with vigor. So if a few glasses of water can make this easier, why not drink up?

Some tips: 

  • Get a dedicated water bottle, one that sits in front of you and is visually appealing.
  • Know where the water fountains are!
  • Place a couple of slices of lemon or cucumber in your water bottle to add flavor. 

It's been a smokin’ hot summer everyone, let’s stay hydrated!


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