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Lighten Up - Backpacks

Buying the right Backpack:

-  buy a size appropriate backpack for your child
-  it should be made of light-weight material
-  and have wide, padded and adjustable straps
-  and padding on the back surface
-  and plenty of pockets


-  the pack should sit between the hips and shoulders
-  make sure the straps aren’t too snug around the shoulders and armpits
-  check overall snugness by sliding your hand between the pack and your child’s back 

Everyday Use:

-  place the heaviest objects against the back
-  leave oddly shaped objects on the outside of the pack
-  only pack the necessities for the day, not the week
-  use both shoulder straps
-  use the waist strap for extra stability

A well-packed backpack should weigh a maximum of 15% of your child’s bodyweight - and 10% for elementary school children!

If you are unsure as to whether your child’s backpack is properly fitted or have any lingering questions or concerns, be sure to stop by our office for a complimentary backpack check-up at 416-444-0944!

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