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Safe Shovelling Snow Tips

Warm-up:  Take a walk around the block or march on the spot.

Use the Right Shovel:  Consider more than one.  Invest in a lightweight mid-sized pusher-type shovel.  This is ideal for light snow - plastic, though it may not last forever, is light and better for pushing and lifting.  A narrow-based shovel is better for slushy, heavy snow.  A shovel with a steel edge is useful for hard-packed snow.  And a shorter handled, narrow-based shovel will be helpful for the pile up at the end of the driveway after the plow has been by.

Push Don't Throw:  Push snow off to the side rather than throwing it.  If you must lift, bend your knees and use your leg and arm muscles while keeping your back straight.

Avoid Twisting:  Face your body in the same direction when you're pushing or throwing the snow to minimize twisting through your torso.

Switch Sides:  Alternate shovelling from one side to the other to balance the stresses you put through your joints and muscles.

Take Breaks and Hydrate:  If you feel fatigued or short of breath, stop and drink water. Treat snow shovelling as any other enduring and tough workout!


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