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Tips to Healthy Knitting

Knitting is a good past-time, but is a repetitive motion and can lead to a variety of injuries. It can put a strain on the hands and wrists, but also on the neck and upper back due to the extended length of time knitters are looking down at their work in a seated position.  Knitting is also a cause of carpel tunnel syndrome related to wrist positioning and grip technique in serious cases. 

Here are a few tips and techniques to help knitters enjoy their hobby without any discomfort.

  • The most important thing to prevent injuries is to take frequent, regular breaks.
  • Keep changing the position of your body and look up often from work and into the distance.
  • Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and try not to hunch. Try to adjust your abdomen when adjusting your posture.
  • Stretch your fingers by clenching your hands and then spreading your fingers as far as you.
  • Switching your knitting style will allow you to keep on stitching while reducing the risk of repetitive strain.
  • The tools you use matter the most, go for smooth lightweight needles. Circular needles are best for large projects. 
  • You are not a conductor, make small moves.
  • Hold your project away from you. This will help you relax and avoid muscle and eye strain. 

As the holiday season approaches, plan your project in advance so that you can spread them out over time. Knitting is meant to be fun and relaxing.  Consider checking in with your chiropractor if you experience prolonged pain or stiffness.


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