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Back to Running!

It's that season to move your indoor running routine to the beautiful outdoors! If you are feeling unsure about the transition, don’t stress, we’ve got your back! With a good fitting pair of running shoes and some healthy preparation you will be well on your way to experiencing the benefits of outdoor running. This transition may take time but will be well worth it. If you have any concerns reach out to a chiropractor to discuss improving running form and injury prevention. Below we have listed some helpful tips to help you get started!

Tip 1: Stretch before and after your run. Stretching is important to reduce your risk of injury. Keep in mind you want to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds in a comfortable range. While completing your stretches make sure to avoid wobbling around and to repeat at least twice on each side.

Tip 2: Change up your route periodically. The slope of sidewalks and roads can put uneven stress on muscles and joints, which can lead to injury. 

Tip 3: Wear supportive and appropriate footwear. Pick the right shoe for the terrain you will be running on.  Make sure your shoes will be able to maneuver uneven surfaces and try picking shoes you do not mind getting a little bit dirty!

Tip 4: Start slow and choose a pace you can maintain. Begin with shorter routes and flatter terrain. When transitioning from the treadmill you may run at a slower pace outdoors as it is more taxing on your muscles and joints. Start at a comfortable and moderate pace that you can maintain. Then progress to faster pace and more difficult terrain as your comfort level increases and as your body allows.

Tip 5: Less is more. A good rule of thumb is to limit increases in distance - do not exceed more than 10% each week.


If you develop any persisting pain, check in with your chiropractor!


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