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Patricia S.

My name is Patricia. When I moved to Toronto I searched the internet to find a chiropractor who used the Activator Method. That is how I happened upon Uptown Chiropractic.

Several years ago after my husband passed, I suffered a stroke which left me with weakness on my right side and difficulty walking. My ability to do anything physical was reduced, which over time caused me pain.

I have found that since starting treatment I have improved body movement, I have better posture, better energy and no pain. With continued treatments I feel more alive and energetic. My family and friends are pleased to see the progress I have made.

Dr. Azzopardi really cares about helping people. When I had plantar fasciitis, she really spent the time making sure things were taken care of. She is friendly, answers questions, is knowledgeable about the body and ailments and gives tips on what to do for care at home. Tips that empower me to look after my body. Her skill with the Activator is amazing.

If anyone was contemplating chiropractic care, I would tell them to come in and try it because it will make a big difference in your body and your life.

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🌱 Our Services 🌱

Chiropractic Care for:

- Low Back Pain
- Neck Pain & Headaches
- Joint Pain & Stiffness
- Shoulder & Arm Problems
- Hip, Knee & Foot Problems
- Custom Made Orthotics
- More Vitality and Energy

Open Monday to Saturday!

Dr doing an adjustment


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