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Spring Cleaning


Have a few free hours to get started on some spring cleaning? With all the indoor time it's a great opportunity to tackle some of those spring cleaning projects that you may have been putting off! It can also be a great way to keep your kids busy during this time. Here are our favourite tips to get moving and organized!

Bend your Knees:
If you have to bend down focus on your technique. Bend your knees and keep your back straight and as upright as possible. Avoid hinging from the waist!

Special note on Vacuuming: If you have lower back problems, enlist the help of your kids or family members to do it for you!

Do take Breaks:
Once your start, it is tempting to get everything on your to do list done in a day. Pace yourself by splitting up jobs over a few days. Take frequent breaks and perform some light stretching. Your back will thank you.

⁣Use Long Levers:⁣

If you're window cleaning, for example, use a squeegee with a long handle to make work easier. ⁣

Use your Core:
Tightening your abs as you move can work your core! It's also safer for your back and reminds you not to slouch.

Have your kids go through their bedrooms and to pick out toys they no longer use. Check your closets - if no one has used or worn an item in a year or two, considering tossing it or giving it away. Ridding your home of clutter and distractions can also be a good way to clear your headspace.

Bump Some Tunes:
Music makes everything better! Put on your favourite upbeat music - it can help make cleaning fun and get your heart rate up. Dance breaks are encouraged!

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