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Camping is such a beloved summer activity, and for good reason! The relaxing sounds of the forest and delicious campfire meals are some of the reasons we love to go every year. While camping can feel like a fun spontaneous adventure to escape the city, properly preparing for your trip can ensure you have a seamless experience and avoid injury while enjoying the great outdoors.

Plan Ahead! Test your gear ahead of time! Make sure you know how to assemble the tent and how to use any equipment that you’re bringing with you so that you have a seamless set up when you arrive at the campsite. This also lets you know if there are any repairs (holes in tents or air mattresses) or refills (stove fuel tank or flashlight batteries) that are needed before you get out into the wilderness.

Technique Technique Technique! To prevent injury while camping it is key to keep a neutral curve to your spine and engage your core muscles as you move. For bending and lifting activities, like setting up your tent, make sure you bend at the hips and knees to squat down rather than curving forward at your spine. This allows you to engage your core, maintain good posture, and protect your body from strains and sprains. You can also lay down a kneeling mat or towel to rest your knees on as you work.


Don’t Be a Hero! It’s better to take several small trips of gear than one oversized load when packing and unpacking your camping equipment. Taking manageable loads allows your body to maintain good posture and muscle activation to protect your back as you lift and move items. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your nature getaways to have the best time and truly relax!


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