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Tennis Injury Prevention

Tennis Injury Prevention Guilherme Maggieri

Tennis is one of the most popular summer sports and is a great way to stay active and spend time with friends and family. Many tennis injuries are a result of overuse and repetitive strain on muscles and ligaments. If you plan on playing tennis consistently, it’s a good idea to consult a professional on your equipment and proper form to ensure you’re in the optimal position to keep playing safely. Here are 3 of the most commonly injured areas in tennis and tips to avoid injuring them this summer.

  • Shoulder 

Overhead serving can put your shoulder at risk if you don’t pay attention to proper technique. First, try to keep the ball slightly in front of you so that when your racket makes contact it is not behind or directly over your head. This allows you to not over-arch your back and keep your shoulder in a more neutral position, reducing the strain on these muscles and ligaments. 

  • Ankle

The right shoe for tennis has a good amount of ankle support to provide stability and avoid sprain and strain injuries. You can also purchase tennis socks that are specialized with extra padding for more ankle support. In your warm up and training activities, work on balance and agility exercises to enhance your ankle awareness and ability to react quickly during the game.

  • Elbow 

Pick a racquet that’s right for you. Consulting a professional is key here to ensure your racket has the correct grip, head size, and string tension for your level of play. To reduce strain on your tendons consider a lighter weight racquet, larger grips, and softer strings to reduce the strain on your tendons.  A two-handed backhand during your game can also reduce the strain on your elbow and forearm.

Lastly, remember to take breaks! Taking breaks not only helps you to prevent injury but also will aid in improving your game by giving your body time to repair and build muscle as you rest.

If you experience prolonged discomfort from playing tennis, consider consulting with Uptown Chiropractic.

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