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One Word 2022

With a New Year ahead, we have an opportunity to collect ourselves and regain some clarity and focus!  Did you know that by the end of January, 50% of people have already abandoned their New Year's resolutions!  Resolutions are complex, and complexity leads to procrastination or even paralysis.  So, instead of resolutions that most often don't stick, here's a simple solution.  Find One Word that you can apply to your life each day of the year.  To discover and apply your One Word, here are the steps recommended by Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page and Dan Britton in their book, referenced below.

Unplug from the noise and ask yourself a few key questions: 

What do I need?  
What's in my way?
What needs to go?

Once you find your One Word, live it out by applying it to the 6 areas of life:  physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual.  Use it every day!  By being creative you can make some daily reminders.  For example, put your Word on a screen saver, order a mug with your Word on it, add it to your reminders, write it on a chalk board or put it on a felt letter board.  The focus and the reward comes from using your Word all year long! 

We look forward to hearing what some of your One Word choices are!  Let us know!

Reference: One Word - Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page and Dan Britton 


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