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Avoid Injury on the Slopes

Can't wait to get outside for a full day of skiing?

Take a look at the tips below to avoid injury and stay safe while on the slopes:

Rule of Three:

In order to avoid fatigued muscles, ski no more that 3.000m per day.
Do not ski 3 days in a row.
Take breaks at least every 3 hours.

Standing Side Lunge:

Stand in a wide legged stance (with feet about four feet apart).  Keep toes facing forward, hinge at the hips and bend your right knee forward.  Keep the left leg straight and rest your hand on your right thigh.  Return to centre and repeat on the opposite leg.

Quad Stretch:

Stand tall and place the right foot into the right hand.  Hold the inside part of the right foot (where the big toe is).  Balance, or use a wall to support the one-legged stance.  Keep the inner thighs parallel.  Repeat on the opposite leg.

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