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Saturday, 06 February 2021 16:21

Walk like a Penguin


Falling on ice can leave you red-faced with embarrassment, or far more seriously, hurt badly.  You may not feel it right away, but strains and pains may surface a few days later from the jarring of a nasty fall.  Here are some tips to help you avoid a bad tumble.

Walk like a penguin

The penguin waddle helps you better maintain your centre of gravity or balance.  Walk slowly, with short strides and try to land your steps with a flat foot.  Keep your hands out of your pockets and extend your arms a bit out from your sides.

Keep walkways clear

Shovel snow as soon as possible. Liberally sprinkle ice melt product or sand onto walkways to provide foot traction and to make sure surfaces don’t turn to ice. This not only protects you and your family, but also postal carriers and others when they’re walking around your property. Where possible install or use handrails for extra support.

Take all precautions

Stay steady by wearing proper winter footwear.  Lightweight boots with a thick, non-slip tread sole will provide good traction on ice.  Be extra cautious walking after a storm. Tap your foot on potentially icy areas to see if it is slippery. Hold a railing while walking on icy steps. If a sidewalk is icy down the middle, walk on the snow beside it to avoid slips.

Lighten your load

Carry fewer bags on snow days, since excess baggage can throw off your balance and make it tougher to regain your balance once you lose it. Keep your hands free by putting away your phone while walking – you may need to catch yourself!

Boost balance with exercise

You can’t control the weather, but you can improve your balance through regular exercise. Exercise is an ideal way to help you stay safely on your feet because it helps improve balance, flexibility and strength. Talk to a chiropractor about ways to improve your balance and strength in order to prevent falls.

Visit your chiropractor

If you do take a tumble, give us a call at Uptown 416.444.0944.
We can help get you back on track.

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