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Monday, 08 April 2024 14:11

Spring Cleaning

With the weather warming up and the spring sunshine, it's the season for some Spring Cleaning!
Take note of the tips below to turn cleaning into a safe and productive workout! 

Bend your Knees: If you have to get down low, bend your knees and avoid hinging from the waist! 

Take Breaks:  Once your start, it is tempting to get everything on your to do list done in a day. Pace yourself by splitting up jobs over a few days. Take frequent breaks and perform some light stretching.

⁣Use Long Levers:⁣  If you're window cleaning, for example, use a squeegee with a long handle to make work easier. ⁣

Engage your Core:  Tightening your abs or bracing as you move can work your core and protect your back!

Bump Some Tunes:  Music makes everything better! Put on your favourite upbeat music - it can help make cleaning fun and get your heart rate up. Dance breaks are encouraged!

** Special note on Vacuuming: If you have lower back problems, delegate this one!

For any post-cleaning aches or pains that don't clear in a day or two,
call Uptown Chiropractic for a checkup!
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