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Patricia S.

My name is Patricia. When I moved to Toronto I searched the internet to find a chiropractor who used the Activator Method. That is how I happened upon Uptown Chiropractic.

Several years ago after my husband passed, I suffered a stroke which left me with weakness on my right side and difficulty walking. My ability to do anything physical was reduced, which over time caused me pain.

I have found that since starting treatment I have improved body movement, I have better posture, better energy and no pain. With continued treatments I feel more alive and energetic. My family and friends are pleased to see the progress I have made.

Dr. Azzopardi really cares about helping people. When I had plantar fasciitis, she really spent the time making sure things were taken care of. She is friendly, answers questions, is knowledgeable about the body and ailments and gives tips on what to do for care at home. Tips that empower me to look after my body. Her skill with the Activator is amazing.

If anyone was contemplating chiropractic care, I would tell them to come in and try it because it will make a big difference in your body and your life.

Paul A.

Hi I’m Paul. I was suffering from excruciating head, neck, and low back pain as well as stomach issues and dizzy spells when a family friend referred me to Dr. Azzopardi. 

My problems started with a few car accidents;  were compounded by some falls and have been present for several years.   About a month after receiving adjustments I began to notice a difference.  I like the level of care Dr. Azzopardi takes when she looks to correct your issues.  I also like being adjusted with the Activator Method instead of traditional methods to align my back and neck. Because of the previous injuries, I have severe arthritis / degeneration in my neck.  Chiropractic care is helping me to regain control of my health and helps me manage the rough spots.   I am also able to work out on a more consistent basis and play soccer in a league.

The staff at Uptown is very cordial and friendly and always make you feel welcome. The level of service has made me comfortable referring family and friends.


Uptown Chiropractic was recommended to me by my doula, after I developed significant lower back pain in pregnancy. I was struggling with hip pain, and pain in my upper back. It was difficult to sit for long periods of time, and doing stretches and yoga at home wasn't enough. After the pain got worse and made it difficult to move, I finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Azzopardi. I only wish I had done that sooner! 

Dr. Azzopardi assessed my alignment and answered all the questions I had about chiropractic care and why it works. I was skeptical that such targeted movements could make a difference, but I found relief from the back pain within a few days, and had much more mobility within a week of working with her. 

Dr. Azzopardi is kind and gentle. She is responsive to my needs, and worked with me to accommodate the growing baby bump. I find it comfortable to lay on my front with the support of firm pillows that have a hole to allow room for baby. 

Getting regular chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy more, and given me mobility to continue to stay active and healthy. I have learned to be much more mindful of my posture and the need for movement. I have continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy without pain, and I feel confident that my body is well aligned and prepared for birthing. Being comfortable during pregnancy is absolutely priceless. 

I plan to continue seeing Dr. Azzopardi in the postpartum period, and I highly recommend her to any person experiencing pain, especially when connected to the bodily changes in pregnancy. This experience does not need to be painful, and it is well worth attending to pain before it gets worse. Dr. Azzopardi and her friendly staff has made it easy for me to get the care I need. Thank you Uptown Chiropractic team!

- L.S.

Samantha J.


I had been suffering with low back pain for a few weeks and when I saw the sign for Uptown Chiropractic I decided to check them out on Facebook.  Though my pain didn’t stop me from doing most activities, it did prevent me from running.

Within two weeks I started to notice improvement and now my body feels better, I am gaining more flexibility and I am back to running.  The thing I like the most about Uptown is that it is easy to schedule appointments. 

I would definitely recommend chiropractic if you have pain, movement or flexibility issues.  It definitely helps.


Maria V.


One day I was speaking with a friend and she recommended Dr. Azzopardi at Uptown Chiropractic. I was experiencing lower back pain that became aggravated from working from home so much over the past few years.  I also had migraine headaches for over 10 years. I needed to rest in a dark, quiet place and the migraines prevented me from doing my work and daily tasks.

I took my friend’s advice and after a few chiropractic treatments my neck and back started to improve.  And now my migraines are almost gone.  Before chiropractic care, I would have pain after basic activities and I had to avoid lifting.  Now, I can generally do everything without pain. 

If you are suffering from back pain or headache, you need to try Uptown Chiropractic. 

Dr. Azzopardi and staff are amazing - 10/10. 

Anada Q.

My name is Ananda and I was having a new pain in my right arm and shoulder for 2 weeks. I was looking for help in the neighbourhood and remembered walking by Uptown Chiropractic.  Being able to get a same day appointment when I called was great.

I couldn’t work because of the pain.  Even basic activities like walking, sleeping and doing things with my children were extremely challenging.  Within 2 weeks of chiropractic care, I was feeling much better and my arm pain was completely gone.  I feel so much better overall and can do everything - working, exercising, doing things with my children without pain. I have more energy, I’m in a better mood and I’m more active.  

Don’t wait until things get worse.  Trust that chiropractic can help!

Rafat Z.

My name is Rafat and I had been suffering with neck pain and headache for more than 10 years.  At least 3 days a week I was consumed with pain to the point where I couldn’t enjoy my life.

Before trying chiropractic, I tried various forms of medication, massage, physiotherapy, physical medicine and acupuncture.  Some gave temporary relief and others didn’t seem to help.  Then as luck would have it, I began working at Uptown and was introduced to chiropractic.

This felt like a life changer as I began to notice an improvement in my condition within 2-3 weeks.  It has now been 6 months and I continue to feel stronger and I find that I feel so much better.  Because my neck pain is mostly gone, I rarely get a headache now.  I have also found that my emotions and lifestyle have improved.  With no pain I can enjoy my life so much more.


Nicole C.

My name is Nicole and I have always struggled with lower back issues due to an extra vertebrae in my back. While doing burpees without proper form a few years ago, I hurt my back and could barely walk.  This prevented me from working out and participating in physical activities for several months.

I was referred to Dr. Azzopardi by a chiropractor friend of mine, who had been to Uptown Chiropractic for her own adjustments. She said Dr. Azzopardi was an excellent chiropractor in my neighbourhood.

Though I have had chiropractic treatments in the past, this was my first experience with the Activator technique and now I am a convert.  It took several weeks of 3x a week appointments, but my condition steadily improved. After a couple of months, I also incorporated pilates in order to strengthen my core and glutes, to protect my back. Working at a desk job, my neck and shoulders get really sore and I often get headaches, which chiropractic treatment has also helped with. Now I continue chiropractic treatments once a week as I love how they help my posture, and make my back feel so much stronger.  I am back to my regular activities - strength training, barre, biking, power walking and I feel great!

I love the Activator technique - it is fast and efficient, and I prefer it to manual adjustments which often made me tense up. Whenever someone mentions a sore back, I rave about Uptown and the Activator technique.  I highly recommend Dr. Azzopardi - she is excellent at understanding your condition and issues, and works with you on a plan to resolve them and maintain your health. 


For 25 years I had back problems and was seeing a chiropractor.  He moved to another city and told me to look at the Activator website where I found Dr. Azzopardi who uses the Activator Method.

When I first came in to see Dr. Azzopardi, I mentioned that I was having pain and inflammation in the groin area on one side.  I love to walk, but it was becoming more difficult and I had to slow my pace and reduce the distance.  After my first adjustment with Dr. Azzopardi, I noticed a major difference as soon as I left the office and started walking.  I do a lot of walking and can now walk 10 km at a faster pace with ease.

I like coming to Uptown Chiropractic because of the friendly staff and as a person who prefers a more natural approach to health care and doesn’t like to take medicines, I find chiropractic very beneficial when using the Activator Method!  

- V.B.

Diane F.

Hello.  My name is Diane.  In 1999 I was struck by a car while crossing the road.  I felt pain from the left foot and hip as well as the shoulders, hands and neck.  As a result of the accident, I lost 3 years of good productivity due to pain and a head injury.  Sleeping was tough!  Exercise was one of the only ways I could relieve the pain.  As I work down the street and had met Dr. Azzopardi, I decided to make an appointment.

After a couple of months of care, I found I was walking and sleeping better and noticed less exhaustion. I also used to have trouble climbing stairs - now I can climb with ease.

The folks at Uptown Chiropractic are friendly, welcoming, healing and compassionate.  I also like the ease of making appointments that fit my work schedule.   I have referred others to Uptown and would suggest to anyone needing help..... give chiropractic a try.

Ricardo B.

Hello.  My name is Ricardo.  In 2012, I was in need of a chiropractor and by chance came across Dr. Azzopardi who was open and near my home.

I have had flat feet all my life and had been having back pain for a few years.  Though I was able to manage day to day, the back pain left me feeling very uncomfortable.  I had tried ice and saw a number of chiropractors.  

After starting with Dr. Azzopardi, I began to notice a change immediately, but needed 2-3 weeks until the pain completely went away.  I check in every few weeks for maintenance adjustments and notice that I feel less stiffness in my body and find I can go on with    my life better.

I like Uptown because the methods are non-invasive.  If you’re experiencing back pain consider Uptown Chiropractic because your care involves more than just an adjustment. Dr. Dawn is not only a chiropractor, she is a caretaker that knows about well being and will advise you how to live and feel better and will improve your life.  

Maria T.

Hi. My name is Maria.  One day, I quite literally could not stand up straight and was in excruciating pain when I was referred to Dr. Azzopardi by a member of my work team.  It felt like my entire body weight rested on one half of my body - I looked like a human question mark!  I believe this was brought on by a lifetime of poor posture and repetitive movements, coupled with the brilliant idea of performing complicated exercises with no expertise. The back spasms and excruciating pain occurred for a week but general muscle soreness, stiffness, and overall posture issues have been present for years.

I was incapable of doing basic movements that most people take for granted when I first injured my back.  I noticed a difference instantly after my first adjustment. The physical improvement was obvious in that my range of motion increased and the muscle spasms subsided.   With continued care, it became easier to sit, stand, walk, lay down, bend, etc which I can do now very little to no pain. I also noticed the frequency of my headaches diminished considerably.

Dr. Azzopardi, Cathy and Luma always interact with such warmth when welcoming each patient. I feel that each member of the Uptown team has a vested interest in my health and well-being.  I have since sent my family to Uptown and will continue to recommend Uptown with zeal.  What makes Uptown so special, is that they helped me on both a physiological and psychological level.  With a heightened awareness of my physical capabilities, I have created a healthy daily routine, and also appreciate that healing is a process and not accomplished overnight.  My life has changed in the most positive way and continues to gain momentum on this new found path.

Joseph T.

Hello.  My name is Joseph.  When I was first referred to Dr. Azzopardi by a co-worker back in 2005, I would likely have been described as a wreck.  I had suffered chronic back pain and occasional limited mobility.  The underlying cause of this was the fractures incurred on my right leg in a motorcycle accident as a teen.  As I aged, it increasingly impeded my physical mobility.  There were times when my back locked up and I could barely manage to get out of bed without excruciating pain and on other occasions, collapsed on the floor unable to move.  

Once treatments started with Dr. Dawn I found relief was almost immediate.  I have better overall posture and feeling better physically has also led to better emotional well being.  In the past, I was an avid golfer and played sparingly and with trepidation of how it would affect me physically.  But now I look forward to the golf season and play regularly in no small part thanks to my treatments.

The staffs are friendly and engaging and Dr. Azzopardi expresses a genuine interest and concern to see me well.  I have also referred others to Uptown.

I prolonged seeking chiropractic help largely because my family doctor didn’t see it as a remedy for my situation.  But in the end, I am glad I came to Dr. Dawn because I’m convinced that without her help and advice I would likely have difficulty today even walking.

Michele S.

Hi, I’m Michele.  I was having low back and neck pain as well as plantar fasciitis and had been thinking of seeking treatment.  Luckily, I won a certificate for an initial consultation from a charity auction at my daughter’s school.

Over the past 20 years I have had a number of back traumas and the day to day stresses  just added to the pain.  Within the first few weeks I began to notice a change and it helped that in the beginning treatment was accelerated (multiple visits).  I can now move freely during my day to day activities.  Pain is less intense and less frequent.

The schedule is flexible and Dr. Dawn is so approachable and has a wonderful manner during treatments.  I like that there is also education and an explanation of treatment, both during appointment and a longer-term plan during reassessments.  Cathy is very welcoming and accommodating - very pleasant in person and on the phone.  I consider us a “team in wellness”.

I have had the pleasure of referring others to Uptown and will continue to do so in the future.

Joyce P.

Hello.  My name is Joyce.  My journey to Dr. Dawn started several years ago.  I had successfully reached my mid-fifties without any major issues or injuries and was grateful, particularly when listening to many of my peers complaining about their aches and pains.  

In my early fifties, I had started a regular exercise program and was really enjoying it.  Then everything changed. Starting a new job  and suddenly spending 7+ hours a day sitting at a desk did not work out well for my back.  I had severe discomfort when walking, running and even turning over in bed - I had trouble lifting my right leg very far off the ground, so putting on socks/pants became an adventure and my regular exercise program became a thing of the past.  I tried physiotherapy and massage treatments, all to no avail, and then a friend recommended Dr. Azzopardi.  I admit I was hesitant to try chiropractic but as soon as I visited with Dr. Dawn and learned of her Activator Method, I was intrigued.   I initially started with weekly treatments and although the results took a little longer to achieve than was originally thought, after several months the result were obvious.  I was able to move around without pain and was feeling back to my normal self.  The treatment is fast, efficient and pain free.  I really believe that if I hadn’t found Dr. Dawn, I would still be dealing with the problem.

The office is welcoming and both Dr. Dawn and Cathy make each visit very pleasant.  I have never had any issues making an appointment to suit my schedule and on the few occasions when I have had to make a change, there has never been a problem.  I would highly recommend Dr. Dawn and the Activator Method.  In fact I have done so on several occasions. 

Sasi K.

Hi.  My name is Sasi.  I have been in chiropractic care with Dr. Dawn for over 12 years.  Initially, I came to her as I was suffering from back and neck pain.  

I found relief after a few treatments and have been religiously coming ever since.  I found how important it is to get your spine adjusted and the sooner you start the better.  I have seen the doctor adjust patients as little as week old babies as the birthing process can be where the misalignment of the spine starts.  

I have learned a lot about chiropractic and its health benefits over the many years I have been a patient.  I have referred a lot of my friends and family and continue to do so as I see the importance of it.  I would recommend chiropractic adjustments to be a part of anyone’s healthy lifestyle.

Jackie M.

Hi there.  My name is Jackie.  I began to see Dr. Azzopardi in 1998 for a twisted neck I received from doing exercises which caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort.

I began to notice relief from the pain after a few weeks of treatment and have been on a regular 2 week treatment regime which helps to keep my aches to a minimum. Now I am able to keep up with all my activities.  And when I get a flare up and have pain especially in my neck and back, I visit the doctor and get some relief.  

Dr. Azzopardi, Cathy and staff are very caring and they always do their best to help me feel better.  I have sent relatives and friends to the office and would do so again.  

Kiera T.

Hello.  My name is Kiera.  I had chronic issues related to spine alignment which had likely been building for years.  But these symptoms became problematic when, during gym 18 years ago, I was thrown into a wall.  Because of this I reduced and then eliminated my participation in athletics.  I underwent physiotherapy until the problem was properly diagnosed.

On my way home from work one day I passed Uptown Chiropractic and decided to make an appointment.  As the problem had been building for years it took a while before things got better.  I also began to notice that I was having fewer headaches.

I like the people at Uptown.  Dr. Azzopardi genuinely cares about your progress and Cathy is wonderful.  They have also been great about fitting me in or changing appointments when necessary.  I have referred coworkers to Uptown Chiropractic.

Gina S.

Hello.  My name is Gina.  I was away on vacation and bent over to pick something up when all of a sudden I experienced sudden excruciating pain in the left leg and lower back.  I couldn’t walk and I had to go up stairs on my backside.  I didn’t want to go to the hospital and get all doped up so when I got home I remembered that there was a chiropractor very close to home.  I called Uptown and explained my situation and thank heavens Dr. Azzopardi was able to come to my house to help me; and she did so for the first couple of weeks.  

It took a couple of months of regularly adjustments before I started to feel more like myself and move better. 

Since this episode I have become more aware of symptoms that might trigger another episode.  Dr. Azzopardi recommended exercises and nutritional supplements to help.  Now I am able to do almost all activities and I take long walks every day.   

Uptown’s location is very convenient and the staff are friendly, concerned and accommodating.  I am very happy that adjustments are done with the Activator Method.  If anyone is considering chiropractic, I’d say, give it a try.  It worked for me.

Harvey P.

Hello.  My name is Harvey and I am 95 years young.  It was my wife who was first referred to Dr. Azzopardi.  As I had been suffering with the pain and discomfort of arthritis for many years and the medication was not producing the results I was looking for,  I knew it was also time for me to turn to her for help as well.  

I am so glad I did because I began to notice improvement in about two to three weeks after the first adjustments and treatments.  What I like most is the short length of time it takes for the adjustments.  Dr. Azzopardi has such a nice manner in explaining what is being done to overcome the problems I am having at the time.  I like that the adjustments remove or deplete my pain and I can now perform my household duties that require bending, lifting and carrying items with less discomfort.

I find the receptionist very helpful in scheduling appointments and making sure you have all your belongings when you leave - especially your comb!  Everything is always handled in a very cheerful manner.  Because of great results and service, I have referred a few of my friends to Uptown Chiropractic and also residents of the condo where I live.

Gina G.

Hi I’m Gina.  I had a great experience with chiropractic in the UK to treat my sciatica and was looking for a similar “non-bone crunching” chiropractor in Toronto.  As I live in the area, I happened to be walking by and noticed Uptown Chiropractic.  

Generally, I’m aware of aches and pains that I know would progress to more aches and pains as my body tries to compensate.  With regular adjustments, I have noticed less aches and pains and more mobility.  I am also happy about the improvement in my well being and have become more aware of my posture and how balanced I am.  The experience has deepened my understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I appreciate the ease of obtaining an appointment, accessibility and friendly and caring staff.  Also, the empathetic attitude of the Doctor and her obvious positive commitment to health care and the profession.  She is always ready to listen and give appropriate advice.

For others, you should know that there are many benefits of using this type of chiropractic (with no bone crunching). Nothing to lose and everything to gain. :)

John E.

Hi.  I’m John.  I first saw Dr. Azzopardi in 1995 as I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder.  I was unable to use a keyboard and it was affecting my work.  I had tried an ice pack and heat to no avail but within three days after receiving chiropractic I was able to use the computer and within five days the pain had disappeared.  

This happened a little over 20 years ago and since then I have had regular adjustments and in addition I have been doing exercises recommended by Dr. Azzopardi.  

I enjoy the central location of Uptown Chiropractic and have recommended Dr. Azzopardi to my friends.

Darren E.

Hello.  My name is Darren.  Over 20 years ago, I was in a car crash which left me with chronic neck pain and limited use in my arms. Due to my injury I had to change occupations because the daily office work caused my arms to completely give out.  I was limited in my writing, computer use, piano and fine motor skills.  

Over the years I have tried reflexology, massage, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy. Western medicine just showed me an MRI and said it was not bad enough to operate and offered drugs.  But chiropractic manages my condition better than anything else I have tried.  I look for a chiropractor in every city I spend time in.

It was in 2013 during a street festival that I found out about Uptown Chiropractic. Dr. Dawn is very effective and the office is a pleasant and friendly place to visit every time.  Sometimes one session puts me right, sometimes it takes a few.  I have referred most of my family too and they have all thanked me for it.

Don’t take your health for granted, spinal health is important and like keeping your house clean, it is best to keep your body in good working condition with “tune-ups”.  Don’t wait for the pain!

Dolores F.

My name is Dolores.  I have suffered with sciatica on and off for many years.  I was looking for a chiropractor in the yellow pages over 15 years ago and happened across Dr. Azzopardi.

Over the years I have also had bursitis and tendonitis in my rotator cuff, as well as lower back pain which has all been cured over time.  I come every two weeks for maintenance which helps me get through the days as I get older.  I don’t drive so walking is very important to me and I am able to do that by coming here.

What I really like is the care that I receive from Dr. Azzopardi and the friendliness of the staff - all help to make it an enjoyable experience.  

I would definitely encourage others to consider chiropractic.  It works!

Brian S.

Hello.  My name is Brian.  I am a long time fan of chiropractic after having back issues for over 40 years. I was a patient of Dr. Azzopardi’s for six years and followed her here to Mt. Pleasant.

As an active person I encounter back, shoulder and hip problems from time to time and Dr. Dawn has been able to resolve those issues on a continuous basis.  Had it not been for chiropractic care, I would have stopped running, cycling, and skiing.  I noticed a change in my condition after just two adjustments.  I have seen my general practitioner and had physio but I have found chiropractic to be the most effective way to address musculoskeletal issues in both short term and long term.  I have also noticed my posture and headaches have both improved.

I would happily recommend Dr. Azzopardi to my family and friends, as I really like her approach and the Activator technique.

Susan G.

Hello, my name is Susan.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis 33 years ago as a young adolescent and at that time chiropractic was suggested as an alternative to the surgery that medical doctors were recommending.  More recently,  I have had problems with my neck, right arm and wrist.  I have been a patient of Dr. Azzopardi’s for many many years prior to the opening of Uptown.  As my husband and kids are also patients we appreciate the convenience of the new location.

Since the age of 13, I have consistently had chiropractic adjustments.  I prefer this approach to taking pain medication for a stiff neck, etc.  It keeps me more active! Generally, I notice an improvement after each adjustment and the doctor suggests the appropriate frequency of appointments depending on the issue.  I always leave feeling better.

I like the calm, friendly atmosphere at Uptown and Cathy makes scheduling appointments easy - everyone is always friendly!

Gino M.

Hi.  My name is Gino.  I had been suffering from what I thought was a hamstring and knee injury for almost 9 months.  For the entire duration of the injury, I was treated by a well-respected physiotherapist who gradually helped me reduce the symptoms and the pain, allowing me to slowly restart my usual running and cycling workout routines... until suddenly - less than two weeks before a major holiday - my situation worsened dramatically.

Desperate not to cancel my holiday, I went for a walk to alleviate the pain, which is when I saw Uptown Chiropractic.  I explained my situation to Dr. Azzopardi and she was able to see me the same day.  In the brief time available she was able to prepare me for my trip in a way that I did not realize was possible, with significant improvements after only a few days.  As soon as I returned from my trip, I continued to see Dr. Azzopardi to address the root cause of my injuries.  Apart from the disappearance of my original symptoms, I also noticed improvements in my ability to sit straight on chairs and stand for longer periods without leaning into something for support!

For the undecided masses, consider chiropractic.  I have come to appreciate and have full trust in Dr. Azzopardi and the methods she uses.

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