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Gino M.

Hi.  My name is Gino.  I had been suffering from what I thought was a hamstring and knee injury for almost 9 months.  For the entire duration of the injury, I was treated by a well-respected physiotherapist who gradually helped me reduce the symptoms and the pain, allowing me to slowly restart my usual running and cycling workout routines... until suddenly - less than two weeks before a major holiday - my situation worsened dramatically.

Desperate not to cancel my holiday, I went for a walk to alleviate the pain, which is when I saw Uptown Chiropractic.  I explained my situation to Dr. Azzopardi and she was able to see me the same day.  In the brief time available she was able to prepare me for my trip in a way that I did not realize was possible, with significant improvements after only a few days.  As soon as I returned from my trip, I continued to see Dr. Azzopardi to address the root cause of my injuries.  Apart from the disappearance of my original symptoms, I also noticed improvements in my ability to sit straight on chairs and stand for longer periods without leaning into something for support!

For the undecided masses, consider chiropractic.  I have come to appreciate and have full trust in Dr. Azzopardi and the methods she uses.

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