Susan G.

Hello, my name is Susan.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis 33 years ago as a young adolescent and at that time chiropractic was suggested as an alternative to the surgery that medical doctors were recommending.  More recently,  I have had problems with my neck, right arm and wrist.  I have been a patient of Dr. Azzopardi’s for many many years prior to the opening of Uptown.  As my husband and kids are also patients we appreciate the convenience of the new location.

Since the age of 13, I have consistently had chiropractic adjustments.  I prefer this approach to taking pain medication for a stiff neck, etc.  It keeps me more active! Generally, I notice an improvement after each adjustment and the doctor suggests the appropriate frequency of appointments depending on the issue.  I always leave feeling better.

I like the calm, friendly atmosphere at Uptown and Cathy makes scheduling appointments easy - everyone is always friendly!


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