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Brian S.

Hello.  My name is Brian.  I am a long time fan of chiropractic after having back issues for over 40 years. I was a patient of Dr. Azzopardi’s for six years and followed her here to Mt. Pleasant.

As an active person I encounter back, shoulder and hip problems from time to time and Dr. Dawn has been able to resolve those issues on a continuous basis.  Had it not been for chiropractic care, I would have stopped running, cycling, and skiing.  I noticed a change in my condition after just two adjustments.  I have seen my general practitioner and had physio but I have found chiropractic to be the most effective way to address musculoskeletal issues in both short term and long term.  I have also noticed my posture and headaches have both improved.

I would happily recommend Dr. Azzopardi to my family and friends, as I really like her approach and the Activator technique.

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