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Joyce P.

Hello.  My name is Joyce.  My journey to Dr. Dawn started several years ago.  I had successfully reached my mid-fifties without any major issues or injuries and was grateful, particularly when listening to many of my peers complaining about their aches and pains.  

In my early fifties, I had started a regular exercise program and was really enjoying it.  Then everything changed. Starting a new job  and suddenly spending 7+ hours a day sitting at a desk did not work out well for my back.  I had severe discomfort when walking, running and even turning over in bed - I had trouble lifting my right leg very far off the ground, so putting on socks/pants became an adventure and my regular exercise program became a thing of the past.  I tried physiotherapy and massage treatments, all to no avail, and then a friend recommended Dr. Azzopardi.  I admit I was hesitant to try chiropractic but as soon as I visited with Dr. Dawn and learned of her Activator Method, I was intrigued.   I initially started with weekly treatments and although the results took a little longer to achieve than was originally thought, after several months the result were obvious.  I was able to move around without pain and was feeling back to my normal self.  The treatment is fast, efficient and pain free.  I really believe that if I hadn’t found Dr. Dawn, I would still be dealing with the problem.

The office is welcoming and both Dr. Dawn and Cathy make each visit very pleasant.  I have never had any issues making an appointment to suit my schedule and on the few occasions when I have had to make a change, there has never been a problem.  I would highly recommend Dr. Dawn and the Activator Method.  In fact I have done so on several occasions. 

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