Joseph T.

Hello.  My name is Joseph.  When I was first referred to Dr. Azzopardi by a co-worker back in 2005, I would likely have been described as a wreck.  I had suffered chronic back pain and occasional limited mobility.  The underlying cause of this was the fractures incurred on my right leg in a motorcycle accident as a teen.  As I aged, it increasingly impeded my physical mobility.  There were times when my back locked up and I could barely manage to get out of bed without excruciating pain and on other occasions, collapsed on the floor unable to move.  

Once treatments started with Dr. Dawn I found relief was almost immediate.  I have better overall posture and feeling better physically has also led to better emotional well being.  In the past, I was an avid golfer and played sparingly and with trepidation of how it would affect me physically.  But now I look forward to the golf season and play regularly in no small part thanks to my treatments.

The staffs are friendly and engaging and Dr. Azzopardi expresses a genuine interest and concern to see me well.  I have also referred others to Uptown.

I prolonged seeking chiropractic help largely because my family doctor didn’t see it as a remedy for my situation.  But in the end, I am glad I came to Dr. Dawn because I’m convinced that without her help and advice I would likely have difficulty today even walking.


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