Kiera T.

Hello.  My name is Kiera.  I had chronic issues related to spine alignment which had likely been building for years.  But these symptoms became problematic when, during gym 18 years ago, I was thrown into a wall.  Because of this I reduced and then eliminated my participation in athletics.  I underwent physiotherapy until the problem was properly diagnosed.

On my way home from work one day I passed Uptown Chiropractic and decided to make an appointment.  As the problem had been building for years it took a while before things got better.  I also began to notice that I was having fewer headaches.

I like the people at Uptown.  Dr. Azzopardi genuinely cares about your progress and Cathy is wonderful.  They have also been great about fitting me in or changing appointments when necessary.  I have referred coworkers to Uptown Chiropractic.



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