Gina S.

Hello.  My name is Gina.  I was away on vacation and bent over to pick something up when all of a sudden I experienced sudden excruciating pain in the left leg and lower back.  I couldn’t walk and I had to go up stairs on my backside.  I didn’t want to go to the hospital and get all doped up so when I got home I remembered that there was a chiropractor very close to home.  I called Uptown and explained my situation and thank heavens Dr. Azzopardi was able to come to my house to help me; and she did so for the first couple of weeks.  

It took a couple of months of regularly adjustments before I started to feel more like myself and move better. 

Since this episode I have become more aware of symptoms that might trigger another episode.  Dr. Azzopardi recommended exercises and nutritional supplements to help.  Now I am able to do almost all activities and I take long walks every day.   

Uptown’s location is very convenient and the staff are friendly, concerned and accommodating.  I am very happy that adjustments are done with the Activator Method.  If anyone is considering chiropractic, I’d say, give it a try.  It worked for me.


Clinic Update

We are OPEN Monday to Saturday. Please call or email in advance to schedule an appointment. 


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