Ricardo B.

Hello.  My name is Ricardo.  In 2012, I was in need of a chiropractor and by chance came across Dr. Azzopardi who was open and near my home.

I have had flat feet all my life and had been having back pain for a few years.  Though I was able to manage day to day, the back pain left me feeling very uncomfortable.  I had tried ice and saw a number of chiropractors.  

After starting with Dr. Azzopardi, I began to notice a change immediately, but needed 2-3 weeks until the pain completely went away.  I check in every few weeks for maintenance adjustments and notice that I feel less stiffness in my body and find I can go on with    my life better.

I like Uptown because the methods are non-invasive.  If you’re experiencing back pain consider Uptown Chiropractic because your care involves more than just an adjustment. Dr. Dawn is not only a chiropractor, she is a caretaker that knows about well being and will advise you how to live and feel better and will improve your life.  


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