For 25 years I had back problems and was seeing a chiropractor.  He moved to another city and told me to look at the Activator website where I found Dr. Azzopardi who uses the Activator Method.

When I first came in to see Dr. Azzopardi, I mentioned that I was having pain and inflammation in the groin area on one side.  I love to walk, but it was becoming more difficult and I had to slow my pace and reduce the distance.  After my first adjustment with Dr. Azzopardi, I noticed a major difference as soon as I left the office and started walking.  I do a lot of walking and can now walk 10 km at a faster pace with ease.

I like coming to Uptown Chiropractic because of the friendly staff and as a person who prefers a more natural approach to health care and doesn’t like to take medicines, I find chiropractic very beneficial when using the Activator Method!  

- V.B.


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