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Uptown Chiropractic was recommended to me by my doula, after I developed significant lower back pain in pregnancy. I was struggling with hip pain, and pain in my upper back. It was difficult to sit for long periods of time, and doing stretches and yoga at home wasn't enough. After the pain got worse and made it difficult to move, I finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Azzopardi. I only wish I had done that sooner! 

Dr. Azzopardi assessed my alignment and answered all the questions I had about chiropractic care and why it works. I was skeptical that such targeted movements could make a difference, but I found relief from the back pain within a few days, and had much more mobility within a week of working with her. 

Dr. Azzopardi is kind and gentle. She is responsive to my needs, and worked with me to accommodate the growing baby bump. I find it comfortable to lay on my front with the support of firm pillows that have a hole to allow room for baby. 

Getting regular chiropractic care has allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy more, and given me mobility to continue to stay active and healthy. I have learned to be much more mindful of my posture and the need for movement. I have continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy without pain, and I feel confident that my body is well aligned and prepared for birthing. Being comfortable during pregnancy is absolutely priceless. 

I plan to continue seeing Dr. Azzopardi in the postpartum period, and I highly recommend her to any person experiencing pain, especially when connected to the bodily changes in pregnancy. This experience does not need to be painful, and it is well worth attending to pain before it gets worse. Dr. Azzopardi and her friendly staff has made it easy for me to get the care I need. Thank you Uptown Chiropractic team!

- L.S.

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