About Us

Our focus at Uptown Chiropractic is about helping you to restore and strengthen your internal resources so that you can handle life's daily stresses better!  

When we're not adapting as we should, the body often responds with stiffness, aches and pains.  Your nervous system, which acts as your body's computer, keeps you in check as you go about your daily activities including work, play, recreation, etc.  Yet it can be compromised when accumulated stresses and injuries cause the bones of your spine to shift out of proper alignment. The chiropractic solution is to adjust your spine into it's best, possible position to reduce or eliminate nervous system interference.  In turn, your body can regain it's ability to repair, right itself, and adapt better to whatever life throws at you.  

People of all ages, from newborn to senior, can benefit from chiropractic care. At Uptown Chiropractic, we offer gentle, effective and patient specific adjustments.  We work hand in hand with you to help reduce pain and discomfort, improve performance and help you get back to doing what you love or need to do!   

Call us today at 416-444-0944 and let us know how we can help! 


Clinic Update

Please note that we are OPEN with reduced hours as we gradually return to regular service.  Please call to schedule.  Thank you.


  • Gina G.

    Hi I’m Gina.  I had a great experience with chiropractic in the UK to treat my sciatica and was looking for a similar “non-bone crunching” chiropractor in Toronto.  As I live in the area, I happened...

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