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Nicole C.

My name is Nicole and I have always struggled with lower back issues due to an extra vertebrae in my back. While doing burpees without proper form a few years ago, I hurt my back and could barely walk.  This prevented me from working out and participating in physical activities for several months.

I was referred to Dr. Azzopardi by a chiropractor friend of mine, who had been to Uptown Chiropractic for her own adjustments. She said Dr. Azzopardi was an excellent chiropractor in my neighbourhood.

Though I have had chiropractic treatments in the past, this was my first experience with the Activator technique and now I am a convert.  It took several weeks of 3x a week appointments, but my condition steadily improved. After a couple of months, I also incorporated pilates in order to strengthen my core and glutes, to protect my back. Working at a desk job, my neck and shoulders get really sore and I often get headaches, which chiropractic treatment has also helped with. Now I continue chiropractic treatments once a week as I love how they help my posture, and make my back feel so much stronger.  I am back to my regular activities - strength training, barre, biking, power walking and I feel great!

I love the Activator technique - it is fast and efficient, and I prefer it to manual adjustments which often made me tense up. Whenever someone mentions a sore back, I rave about Uptown and the Activator technique.  I highly recommend Dr. Azzopardi - she is excellent at understanding your condition and issues, and works with you on a plan to resolve them and maintain your health. 

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